Sy Margaret Baldwin



Word Project Press October 2014

ISBN: 978-0989068246



“Baldwin's debut poetry collection blooms delicately, with occasional shock flares.The author splits the book into four numbered sections, grouping her poems loosely into reflections on childhood, adult life, places she's visited, and world events. However, the sections never close their borders to a variety of other subjects.

The purest lyrics pull on the taut strings of early awareness: the young self at the beach, keenly observed life in a pond, and the linkages that bind people each to each and threaten to snap.

A fine poetry volume to read aloud in a quiet room.”

Kirkus Review

“Sy Margaret Baldwin's poems are inhabited by a singular wind, one that refreshes us as it reveals

the human predicament.

With unfailing symmetry and grace, Signal Fires travels the distance between scope and intimacy, balancing those two destinations with keen observation and an abiding thirst for the source of what sustains us."

Pam Bernard, author of Blood Garden: An Elegy for Raymond.

“Sy is a poet after my own heart.”

—Barbara Kingsolver

“These consistently surprising poems contain nests of articulate silences—between parents and grown children, between lovers, and between man-made and natural worlds.”

—Julie Bruck, author of Monkey Ranch.