Originally from the West Midlands of England, I grew up in an area situated between the sooty towns of the Industrial Revolution and the green English countryside.

I now live at 5000ft. on the west slope of the Sierra in California.

From 1992 to my retirement in 2008, I worked as a wildlife technician for Stanislaus National Forest conducting surveys for sensitive species such as spotted owl and northern goshawk.

My poems have appeared in journals such as Calyx, Earths Daughters, Poetry Now, The Literary Bohemian, Tule Review, The Sow's Ear Poetry Review, The Common Ground Review and Stanislaus Connections (a publication of the Modesto Peace and Life Center).

My poem “Trinity” was selected in a juried competition to be read at the opening of the Fort Collins Art of Peace exhibition and was subsequently quoted by Barbara Kingsolver in her essay “In the Belly of the Beast” in the book High Tide in Tucson.

My full-length collection of poems, Signal Fires, was published by Word Project Press in October 2014.


Word Project Press Celebration 2014

Sy Margaret Baldwin


The Great Overland Bookstore,

San Francisco, 2009